Update on Public Meeting and Congressional Involvement — 12/8/2017

Hello! We wanted to bring you an update on the public meeting that occurred last Thursday as well as some other news. The meeting was well attended with approximately 130 in attendance and 42 speakers – all unanimously expressing their support for the Green Bank Observatory. The NSF personnel who were there conducting the meeting were very appreciative of the comments and said they do make a difference!

And, it turns out your comments and contact with members of Congress is helping to encourage them to discuss the funding with the NSF as can be read about in this article from Mitch Ambrose of American Institute of Physics!


Please keep contacting the members of Congress found here:


These Congressional Committees and Subcommittees’ members have a good deal of influence over these type decisions and your voice is important! Remember to emphasize the importance of requesting that the NSF choose the “No Action Alternative: Continued NSF investment for science-focused operations” and further that the NSF restore full funding to the Observatory such that they can continue and grow their important mission of NSF-funded “Open Skies” science and education focused operations. Also, let them know that it is imperative that the NSF continue to have ownership such that the primary focus of the Green Bank Observatory falls under the NSF mission of Open Skies scientific research and education.

Thank you for your efforts and GO! Green Bank Observatory!

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